Our goal is to ensure at least 2 pieces of clothing between everybody’s body world wide.

My name is Matthew Roper and I am the founder of notalotadolla.com.   This has been a dream that was conceived over 35 years ago while lying in bed after being grounded for something i can’t recall …but i most likely deserved.   I remember I was angry and on an especially foul mouthed roll that day…   I had recently started saying “Bitchin” and my mom hated it.   But “bitchin” wasn’t “defined” a profanity….   so…  thats how it started…   EVERYTHING was “BITCHIN!” …  even if I ended up in my room before dusk…(little did my mom know I would soon discover hip hop and the lingo that went along with being a rapper and a bass head….oh fuck she hated bass..  but I am the shit so no one can hate on THAT!  f’real!)


2020I finally realize that it was worth the alone time staring at the ceiling and rehearsing my killer comebacks and cut downs.  Inventing new ways to diss.  I got so good at putting people in check and making a joke about it i started writing down shit .  35 years later …   the only thing that has changed is that i don’t really say bitchin anymore and my mom seems to now be the first like (it if anyone at all) on some of my most un appropriate posts…    ??  …   honestly this whole project, over the years, somehow created and came together itself .. I really just was the guy that manifested it into place.    …   and next thing you know…  i now have a project to post a lifetime of product …..    so that means I now get to learn the industry and assess and address my needs in a way that i can provide quality product coordinate manage more aspects than what and a guy and he’s obviously from America so if we don’t get our order we can at least FIND the sum’abitch and get our money back…  



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