Our return policy is simple … If you are not happy with your product purchase for any reason contact us first for a return authorization. Please contact notalotadolla.com@gmail.com with your order# and/or your contact information and the reason for your return (optional) and we will email you a pre-paid tracking label within 24 hours for you to print and attach to the item(s) to be returned. (Any envelope or box you can find that it fits in is acceptable as long as USPS agrees as well.) The package MUST BE SHIPPED within (30) calendar days of WHEN YOUR ORDER WAS DELIVERED TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT FOR THE ITEM(S) RETURNED. You may retain your tracking number in case you may have any questions regarding your return for credit, though, please allow up to 3 weeks for processing your paypal or credit card account reimbursement. We are always happy to help you also be happy and would be more than happy to make you happier with a better fitting or more appropriate selection if possible, so… If at that point you don’t hate us completely, feel free to reorder so we can try again with getting that grin back on your grill.. the last thing we need is angry naked people at our door… we promise to do our best to not let it come to that.